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New crafty goodies!

So we went on vacation to Texas (HELLO HEAT) and then when we came back, I was launched right into Vacation Bible School (HELLO CHILDREN) and even though that was a week ago, I feel like I'm still mentally and physically recovering from that whirlwind (HELLO PREGNANCY).

While I'm very happy to spend time out of doors doing fun things with people I love, I do miss crafting and being inside and getting creative, you know? Thankfully (or maybe, ominously), I've been steadily stocking up on crafting supplies in the meantime. Mwahaha!

Allow me to share a few highlights to my personal craft supplies! 

Media Binge: Jurassic World

YOU GUYS. I finally saw Jurassic World. 
And guess what?

But I mean let's be real - when we saw this was coming, we all knew it would be amazing, amirite?

More thoughts after the break!