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Media Binge: Jurassic World

YOU GUYS. I finally saw Jurassic World. 
And guess what?

But I mean let's be real - when we saw this was coming, we all knew it would be amazing, amirite?

More thoughts after the break! 

4 Things I Loved about Jurassic World

Bryce Dallas Howard
I should preface this one with the fact that I wasn't crazy about her being cast in the first place and the previews certainly didn't sell her to me. However, I totally loved her character, flawed though it was, because she didn't come off as cold and indifferent (as I feared) but was rather a woman in power who was putting numbers, career, and dedication at the top of everything else. Not at all a bad character, nor was the escaped dinosaur technically her fault, but her choices were definitely at the root of several of the complications that arose, you know?

There were LOADS of nods to the original movie (and very, very few to II and III which is JUST FINE as those movies sucked many eggs) and since I have seen Jurassic Park at least 15 times due to  my husband being quite a JP fanatic, I was able to spot most of them (and those I wasn't, he did and shared them with me). I really, really like that they stayed true to the "feel" of Jurassic Park while still making Jurassic World feel current and it's own movie in it's own right. A hard line to walk, to be sure, but they did it well! 

I saw an article online that said Chris Pratt's character was kind of a hybrid of Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm...which I guess I can see after the fact? Mostly  he's got some snark plus passion for dinosaurs and an understanding of what the right thing to do is when others seem to not see that quite so clearly 

They showcased lots of the different "attractions" which was REALLY cool to see! As we saw in Jurassic Park, they were preparing for this level of park but we didn't get to SEE it in the same way we do in Jurassic World. We see the restaurants and the rides and the T-Rex feeding show and all that stuff! It definitely sensationalized the park and set a good time for what had been accomplished as a whole. It made me want to go to there, even though I know how it turns out. 

Basically, if you haven't seen it yet, GO DO IT. 
It's a blast!

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  1. CHRIS PRATT FOREVER AND ALWAYS. I mean, I already loved him, but he was AMAZING in Jurassic World! I thought it was such a great character for him to play, and he did it SO WELL <3

  2. I loved Jurassic World too! I had only seen part of the first one, but was pleased I could pick out a few things from that movie. Also, am I just crazy or did you see all the 7s too? 7 on the van, 7 on the gyrosphere, 29 on the jurassic park jeep, on the bottom of the control room dinosaur lover's cup that Hoskins stole?

    The lead actress isn't Jessica Chastain, but Bryce Dallas Howard. They look really similar.

    1. Oh gosh! Thank you for correcting me. I've updated it!

      I didn't notice all the 7s! I guess I'll have to rewatch it now. :)


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