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Cricut Design Space Patterns: Part III Slicing Patterns

This week I'm doing a 4 part series for the new Cricut Design Space feature: Patterns! I've already showed you how to find and upload patterns and how to edit patterns

Today, we slice the patterns! 

First thing is inserting the images and patterns that you want. If you need a refresher on how to do this, be sure to check out my Part 1 post!

Next, layer up the images the way you want and click and drag your mouse to select all of the images.

After you select all of the pictures, several options that were previously grayed out on the right hand side will become available. One of those is "slice" and that's where we're headed! Give it a click.

Once you select slice, you'll need to click the little eye next to the part you want to be gone and it will vanish! Then you're left with your freshly sliced image. Won't that look so cute as an envelope seal? I can't wait to print and cut a handful of those! 

It's that easy to slice out images from patterns! 
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post: 

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