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Personalized Notebooks Using the Cricut Explore

Whether you buy every single gift from a store or if you make every gift you ever give (if you do this, teach me your ways), adding a bit of something homemade adds that little something extra special, you know? BUT WHAT?

Notebooks, of course! You can make these personalized notebooks in minutes and for just about any occasion! 

Tutorial after the break!

Cricut Explore Air
Cricut Vinyl - Honey, Flamingo and Linen
Notebook from the Target Dollar Spot

less than 10 minutes


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Creating your own personalized notebook is as easy as perusing the phrases on Cricut Design Space and finding one you like best. I used "Be You Bravely" from the "Thoughts & Phrases - The Little Things" cartridge, which is also included with Cricut Access. But seriously there are LOADS of options that range from sweet and sentimental to snarky and sassy. I chose this phrase specifically for a little bonus gift for a friend of mine getting a Princess themed package next month, and I thought the sentiment was spot on! 

After you've selected a phrase from Design Space that you want to use, you'll want to set your canvas so that your image is the right size when you cut it out. I used a card sized canvas that represented the size of the notebook, but you can do whatever you find easiest. You can even just use a shape and adjust the size accordingly. Or if you're REALLY bold, you can just freelance it and use the grid lines as your guidelines. I'm terrible with abstract measurements and desperately need a physical guide to help me, so the canvas is a huge help. 

You can edit your colors to represent what the finished product will be, like I did here. Keep in mind that you have to have these colors on hand, but it gives you an idea of what colors will work well together and such. 

I cut my vinyl pieces down to size so I could keep them all on one mat for printing. Sure, you can use 3 different mats, but someone wise once said "work smarter, not harder" and basically that's how I aspire to live my every waking moment so 1 mat it is for this gal. 

As always, be sure your Cricut dial is set to the correct setting (in this case, vinyl), and hit go when you're ready! 

Once you have your pieces cut, you're almost done! Like, if the party is in 10 minutes, this is when you tell your significant other to start getting the kids ready to go because you're almost done. They may say "but you're still making the gift!" and you'll say "seriously I'll be done by the time their shoes and coats are on" and they won't believe you but it's true. Really. You're magical and you can do it. 

Depending on the detail of the design, weeding the excess could take anywhere from 2-8 minutes. Unless you went super duper fancy, then maybe you'll want to give yourself a little more time for the weeding. This is where you'll definitely want to have a weeding tool to make things way easier, cleaner, and as low stress as possible. 

I cut down my transfer tape with the paper trimmer too to make things a little less bulky and to save on my transfer tape in general. You'll want to start with the topmost layer of your image, then line it up on the second layer, and then apply it to the final layer (the circle, in my case). Then that whole magical masterpiece goes on your notebook.

And that's it! You're done! No waiting for glue to dry. No waiting for layers to set. You're done. Get in the car and go! Or throw it in a "gift accessories" bin for next time! Or make 15 more since you know how easy it was and you've got a collection to give as a set! SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

Happy Crafting, Y'all!

Lisa is a gamer, crafter, fangirl, mother, wife and unabashed nerd who is pretty ridiculous and it's best you know that up front. When she's not binge watching Netflix or crafting into the wee hours of the night, you can find her spending a lot of her time on Pinterest and Twitter.

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