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Hi there! I'm Lisa and I like to blog about things that make me happy and also happen to be pretty
nerdy. Lately, that includes crafting, Cricut projects, household and organizational musings, periodic reviews on games and movies, and overall using this space as a general creative outlet! Welcome, crafters, Cricut users, nerds, and those of you looking for a little place to find DIY inspiration and laughter!

I am most happy when wearing sweatpants and drinking caramel white mochas while reading a book. Or maybe spending all night with my Cricut Explore while jamming out to Hamilton. Or sometimes laughing until I think I might whiz my pants. Simple pleasures, you know?

I'm married to a fantastically nerdy husband and am a proud momma to a rad daughter named Lucy and a giggly boy named Theo, as well as a furbaby Miniature Schnauzer named Albus.

5 things to know about the blog:
1. I'm ridiculous and write the way I speak - professional, I am not. Fun, I am.
2. Post when I want to, what I want to. That could be 4 posts a week or 1 a month. (See #3)
3. Family and real life will always come first. (See #2)
4. I only post about things I love on here. Why waste time sipping on life's haterade?
5. I blog with integrity, honesty, respect, and unrestricted silliness.