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The best way to contact me is via email. Lisaschensted(at)gmail.com.

Please reach out and say hey on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Goodreads!

My review policy:
- I am open to reviewing craft products, organizational tools, or other related items.
- I am open to partnership with reviews or features.
- I am NOT open to reviewing books on this blog. Please contact me at Bookish Broads for any book reviews.
- All opinions are my own.
- I am not compensated for my reviews.

I am a reviewer on Amazon Vine and a Cricut Product Expert.

My fangirling over Cricut and my reviewing of products on Amazon Vine has led to my being a part of the Cricut Product Experts. This does NOT mean I am a super user (lolololol), but it does mean I get to hear more from Cricut about what they're up to, how they're improving the user experience and in exchange I provide sincere and honest feedback.

Again, I was a lover of Cricut before becoming a Product Expert. However, now that I've talked to actual people who work at Cricut (like, sincerely important and influential people), I fully understand how much they care about their users, that they are constantly improving, sincerely interested and concerned about user feedback and are just a super down to earth company that I am thrilled to support in any way possible!

As a Cricut Product Expert I may have information to share with you that's cutting edge. I may have updates for you about upcoming releases. I may even be able to answer a question here or there. Mainly, I adore Cricut and love helping them out in any way possible - and helping other Cricut users and crafters out too!


  1. HI, I am researching the cricut air. I do not own any machines except for my cuttlebug and I love it. Several friends have the expressions & I have seen how it basically works. Do you have to use the 'design space" to use the air? I have a problem with paying $9.99 a month or the yearly charge if I'm not going to use it constantly. I mainly make cards for now but want to get back into my scrapbooking. I have watched some videos & I thought you didn't use cartridges with the are but then I've seen for package bundles for the air with cartridges so I
    'm confused. I also think you can buy individual images .99 & up & I assume they are use to keep & use many times? Any info is greatly appreciated. Jill Knight email is gillkiki@neo.rr.com

    1. Thanks for reaching out! I just emailed you back. :)


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