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Review: Slog's Dad by David Almond

in a sentence or so: before he died, Slog's dad promised him he'd be back to visit Slog when spring came. but still, Slog's bestie Davie can't help but be suspicious when when Slog starts talking to a hobo on a bench claiming to be his dad. all Slog knows is that his dad kept his word and he has one last moment to share with him before he's truly gone.

i'm going to go a bit outside of the box with this review, and not share any other plot points of this book.  it's SO much better for you to discover it on your own.

but what i WILL tell you is that this was a quick, quirky, and beautiful read. i loved Kit's Wilderness by Almond based on the blurred lines between fantasy and reality and the uniqueness of his characters. Almond brings back that signature style and pairs it with the illustrations of Dave McKean (who Almond worked with on The Savage).

the book alternates about eight pages illustration with four or five pages of print narrative told from Davie's perspective. you get a peek into where the story is going through the illustrations by McKean before Almond tells you the details. but holy moly - both story styles pack an emotional punch. the illustrations have a raw simplicity that say volumes...and the narrative is crisp, thoughtful, and refreshingly creative.

at only fifty-five pages or so, Slog's Dad is surprisingly emotional and touching. there are images that will stick in my mind and i will for sure ponder Slog's dad's life after death for a long time.

fave quote: "'They can hack your body into a hundred bits,' he'd say. 'But they cannot hack your soul.'" (pg 20)

fix er up: it happened so fast! i mean, i know that's the point. i think it's a HUGE credit to the writing and illustrations that so much happens so quickly. is this even a critique? hm.

title: Slog's Dad
author: David Almond
illustrator: Dave McKean
genre: Graphic Novel, Death

[hey FTC, i received a copy of Slog's Dad from Candlewick Press but i didn't write this review for compensation or anything.]

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  1. This sounds like a sensational short novel, Lisa.


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