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Review: Forget You by Jennifer Echols

in a sentence or so: Zoey's got a lot going on before she gets into a car wreck and can't remember a full 12 hours leading up to the accident. while trying to keep her crumbling life together, she's attempting to put together the pieces of that night and figure out why it is she can't stop thinking about the brooding loner Doug - instead of her handsome beefcake boyfriend Brandon.

Zoey's life is full of drama. her dad knocked up his 24 year old mistress and left her mom. her mom soon after tried to commit suicide. and as if it's not enough for Zoey's home life to be in complete shambles, Doug - the angsty, angry, and admittedly gorgeous boy that's also on the swim team - is working the night her mother is taken to the ER. between trying to keep Doug quiet about the whole ordeal and navigating the waters of being the perfect girlfriend to Brandon, Zoey's got a lot on her mind.

determined to figure out the details of the night without letting anyone know she has amnesia, as well as keep the fact that her mother is in a mental hospital under wraps, Zoey puts on a brave face and keeps moving forward. after all, she's the captain of the swim team and they need her. and if she doesn't look out for herself, who will?

something i loved about this book was that all of the characters were flawed. some in a major way, like her dad who was a total dickface the entire novel. some in a minor way, like Zoey herself and her need to look and act perfect, no matter what. those complexities of characters makes them easy to connect to and the story that much more real for the reader.

while this book is definitely romantic, i would argue it's more about relationships and expectations of yourself and others. that might be the dorkiest thing i've written in a review...ever...but it's true! to simplify this book would not do it justice.

is this book going to change your life? probably not. but is this a typical contemporary romance? not at all. Echols creates some heartfelt characters, difficult decisions, and realistic teenage experiences and presents it in an addictive and easily devoured book.

fave quote: "No one would suspect the girlfriend of the star of the football team was falling for the boy who went to juvie. And the boy who went to juvie wasn't returning the favor." (pg 159)

fix er up: okay really, Zoey didn't realize the truth behind her relationship with Brandon? that is the only thing i find to be a bit far fetched in this read. well...maybe not far fetched as much as naive and borderline pathetic.

title: Forget You
author: Jennifer Echols
genre: Romance, Contemporary, Drama, Family 
publishing info: Simon & Schuster, 2010

[ftc notice: i borrowed a copy of this book from Ginger at GReads! so i obviously didn't receive any compensation for this review. thanks, yo!]

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  1. I agree about Zoey's pathetic excuse for a relationship with Brandon. I mean really? REALLY? Doug = THE BEST LITERARY BOYFRIEND EVER. He is my fave of all faves.

  2. my mind IMMEDIATELY went to cee-lo green's "forget you" when i saw the title of this. so i decided to go full-on and open another window and pull it up on up google and listen to it while i read your review. it's true, the song doesn't really go along with the book, but that is HOW I ROLL. and it made it SO MUCH MORE THE FUN, ya hear?

    i've totally never read this book. i have never read anything by J.Echols. contemp ya romances aren't my *favorite* genre, but i would be willing to give them a try. especially when ginger is so awesomely convincing with her enthusiasm. :)


  3. Doug is pretty amazing. honestly, i think i will buy my own copy of this pretty soon. i may start amassing Jennifer Echols books.

    Ash - you should def give this a try! I'm glad that G convinced me. :)

  4. I've been meaning to read this, but just... haven't. I dunno--it doesn't really sound like my kind of book, but I want to read Jennifer's new book, Love Story, so if I like that, I'll try this one out!
    Great review, by the way! It helped me out a lot! :)

  5. Since you like Forget You...you need to read Going Too Far if you haven't already...it's my favorite Jennifer Echols :)

  6. i think i prefer the original to the radio edit.

  7. Agree with Jacinda!!! And you totally reminded me of my one issue with the book, how could Zoey not realize?!? I wanted to slap her on some of those moments

  8. Thanks for commenting on my review (:

    Great review! I agree with you, for the most part. The relationships are developed pretty well, and realistically. And I totally agree on the Brandon-thing. How could Zoey have thought what they have is an actual relationship?

    By the way, have you read Jennifer Echols's Going Too Far? If you liked Forget You, you're going to love Going Too Far (:

  9. hannah - i haven't read Going Too Far just yet! i have Endless Summer next on my Jennifer Echols list...i'll be sure to add GTF after that! :)


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