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Review: Rebel Heart by Moira Young

Title: Rebel Heart (Dust Lands #2)
Author: Moira Young
Pub Deets: October 2012, Margaret K McElderry Books
Source: Gifted from Carrie at Stalking the Bookshelves
Challenges: TBR Challenge, 2013 Sequel Challenge

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Note: There will be spoilers for book one, Blood Red Road. So if you haven’t read it, beware!

In a sentence or so: Saba, Lugh, Emmi and Tommo are headed for good land to establish their lives but all Saba can think about is getting back to Jack. Things are changing out in the world and the Tonton are under new leadership that doesn’t make their plans any easier, or safer, than the last time.

We meet up with Saba, Lugh, Emmi and Tommo and discover that Saba is having some crazy dreams/visions/hallucinations that mostly involve people she’s killed over the past year. Her psychotic break does not garner any sympathy from Lugh who is kind of an asshat 90% of the book.

Saba’s soul purpose in this book is to Find Jack. The rest of the group is trying to find a place to settle down and live their lives, so obviously the group’s at cross purposes. Saba proves to be crazy selfish and that doesn’t bode well for anyone.

You guys, I just finished telling you how much I ADORED Blood Red Road. I was initially really let down with the start of Rebel Heart. Let me tell you why.

Saba’s sole purpose is to find Jack. REALLY. There is so much more to her and this world and this group than Must Find Jack and I wish that had shined brighter. I was disappointed to feel her turn so 2 dimensional. Then, apparently she’s hot shit now because Tommo and DeMalo want to get in her pants. (one will succeed!) Again, I feel like there were SO MANY other things going on that I wish this had been a much more minor plot line than it was. Finally, I feel like Moira Young is compelled to kill off a character or two each book without it really making an impact on the story.

Okay, enough with the crabbypants. Here are things I ADORED about Rebel Heart!

DeMalo gets some depth. Yeah, he’s the new dude in charge and the Tonton are NOT good guys but I am all about the moral gray that Moira is putting out there and leaves me with many questions. While the first ½ was zzzz for me the second ½ was where shiz gets REAL and things HAPPEN and that was good times.

Ultimately, I’m still committed to this series. Saba was completely and horridly selfish BUT that makes her real and I’m down with that. I am okay with liking and not liking characters if the plot is thick enough to keep me interested. And oh boy is there potential for how this all shakes out in book three...I can’t wait!

Fave quote: "He'll banish the shadows. He'll silence the whispers. An the wounds of my soul will heal." (pg. 53)

Pairs well with: Some patience. You’ll need it.

Fix er up: Oh friends. I did enough complaining already. I’m ready to let it go.

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  1. Oh Saba. She and I did NOT get along in this one. :(

  2. I'm still on the fence about this one. I didn't LOVE Blood Red Road, but I thought it was fun. And I'm not sure I'm up for a selfish annoying Saba. I also loathe love triangles, and loved Jack in the first one. Not sure I can handle that part of this story. I have so much to read that I think I might wait to feel out the conclusion of this series before I finish it.

  3. You already know my feelings on this one. I'm a bit sad you didn't love it as much as me but I understand where you are coming from. It's funny how certain things can bother me in one book and then not bother me in another. Reading is such a personal thing and certain factors and moods can easily influence us. Glad to hear you will continue on though.

  4. I completely agree with everything you said. I think I had such high expectations for thisone that just weren't met. Despite all the issues, I need book three now!


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